Different people have different understanding to the same words.

They look to one word from different perspectives, each one has his own look to this word and get part of this word beauty.

Sharing our thoughts about these words is really interesting.

Here’s how different people think about the word “Professional”

Amal Khalifa: ‘professional’ means “excellence and commitment to work”.

Nashwa Mohamed: ‘Professional’ means to be expert and specialized in a field more than anyone else.

AbdelRahman ElGammal: The person who knows almost everything about his field and apply his knowledge perfectly.

A Salah: Professional is someone who know everything about what s/he do (or should do) and don’t waste any effort in doing what he shall to do.

Ramy Medhat: It means tolerant of failure, and capable of pushing through problems with a smile and positive attitude. Always looking towards the finish line, and not the line of blame.

Mahmoud Fayez: Professionals do not follow the rules; they create it.
I found it very funny to think you are professional and tries to make your own rule for a certain problem. When you find that your rules are wrong and the old rules are correct. By then you are a pro.

A.Hosni: A professional in some field or job, is someone who’s follow the standards and the known best practices in this field. He should communicates well, give regular status and plan his time to meet the schedule.

M.Samy: Takes things seriously in training, attention to detail,…etc to be trusted with the job.

Rehab Reda: Professionality is to put your own finger print on what you do, not to do the work  just to be done.

Amr Saqr: A professional is simply a person who knows how to do things correctly in an elegant way.

Yassmin Taha: professional person is the one who is a master in a specific area and is always learning new things related to this area and always trying to develop him self.

M.Sharaf: Professional in a field: is a person who reaches degree of knowledge let him able to innovate in that field.

Nora Youssuf: Do the right thing by passing the right way.

Hanaa Samy: What we seek, but will never reach.

Omar Ayman: Benefiting from some action done by the person financially.

Hisham AbdulHay: Professional person is the person who knows what he is doing very well and why he is doing that.

Rokaya Mohamed: professional person is someone who do some job in a perfect way.

Omina Nour: being professional does not mean being formal … professional means knowing every single detail about something and the ability to deal with anything concering it

So, What do you think about the word “PROFESSIONAL”?

8 thoughts on “Professional

  1. The professional is the one who know almost every popular piece-of-science about his field, has the ability to get the rest, can apply it perfectly in a real environment, and considers applying it in a manner way…

  2. The professional person simply is the one who said “بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم” before starting any work …I think this is deep enough .. 😉

  3. “Professional” is a person who perform his job better than others with a new style and his own method .

  4. In my opinion, a professional is that person who mastered specific field and have a recognizable performance along with a problem solving ability that combine his vision, skills and expertise.

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