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  Now, we’re experiencing a problem with npmjs registries at Egypt, um not sure if this is a regional problem, but I don’t think so, some may have not these problems, some say it’s ISP problems, nothing clear yet … commands like npm i grunt -g takes loooot of time, and 99% will fail. What’re… Continue reading NPM Fix

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Tips For Writing an Attractive CV

– Few months ago, I posted an article about “Tips about Microsoft and Facebook Interviews”, but how can you reach these interviews The answer is not “Prepare an Attractive CV!”, note that, The CV is just a description and an interface of your real knowledge and qualifications. So, what I want to say is “Strengthen… Continue reading Tips For Writing an Attractive CV


Content aware image resizing V.1.0 Beta

Content Aware image resizing V 1.0 Content aware resizing is how to re-size images without losing important details in it. Compared to traditional scaling, content aware resizing keeps the important focused objects as it is when shrinking or enlarging. That’s done by determining which part of the image is not very important or does not… Continue reading Content aware image resizing V.1.0 Beta