ASP job applicant – minimum requirements

Some friends asked me about the minimum requirements that should an ASP job applicant should be aware of.

Following are some topics and titles that an applicant should visit and study before applying for an ASP Web Developer position:

  • OOP (You really have to be good at OOP, you should be able to answer questions like the following)
    • What’s the importance of OOP?
    • What’re the four basic principles of OOP?
    • What’s Polymorphism? What’s its importance? Give an example.
    • What’re the two types of Inheritance?
    • What’s the difference between Abstract and Interface classes
    • What’re the 3 types of access modifiers?
    • What’s the Sealed Class?
    • … and more.
  • General Web Concepts
    • Differences between internet protocols (http, https, ftp, …)
    • Differences between Sessions and Cookies.
    • Response codes and what each code means? (ie. 404 means Page Not Found, there’re many others)
    • What’s the difference between POST and GET methods?
  • HTML
    • What’re the tags you can use? what’re the attributes you can give to them? and what’re the possible values of those attributes?
    • What’s new in HTML5?
    • w3schools tutorial for HTML/ HTML5
  • JScript/JQuery
    • What’s powerful of JQuery?
    • Ajax and data transfer types (JSON, XML, …)
    • JQ-UI library (give a look)
    • w3schools tutorials for
  • CSS (Just give a look)
    • What’re the 3 types of styling.
    • What’re the style attributes and their possible values?
    • What’s new in CSS3?
    • wschools tutorial for CSS and CSS3
  • SQL
    • Relations
    • Constraints (Different types of key, Primary, Unique, Composite, …)
    • Designs, train to make good designs.
    • Given a design, how to make queries on that design (Train very well)
      • Different types of JOINs.
      • Nested SELECT
      • Aggregate functions
      • Difference between WHERE and HAVING
    • Normalization rules (Just give a look and know the concepts)
    • Denormalization, When may we need to denormalize a design?
    • Different SQL datatypes. When should we use each?
    • What’re the different solutions when we have very big amount of data (Giga/Tera bytes) (one solution is indexing, but not the only one)
    • SQL Server (Authentication modes, Instances, Security and Users) (Not very important)
    • w3schools tutorial for SQL
  • ASP
    • DB Models (Entity Framework or LINQ to SQL)
    • Services (WCF)
    • Repeaters
    • Update panels and Script managers
    • asp Controls (Textbox, DropDownList, Button, …)
    • The life cycle of the asp Page
    • asp Controls (.ascx)
    • ViewState
    • Localization (Global and Local resources)
    • w3schools for ASP
  • Others
    • Browsers developer tools
      • IE, Chrome and Firefox, the three of them offer awesome developer tools
        • JS debuggers (Visual studio debugger for JS is really awesome)
        • HTML Page 3D Visualization (Firefox)
        • Console window for writing and executing scripts at runtime (without editing the source code)
        • Network window for checking and debugging requests and responses data.
      • Usage of alerts and console logs

Those are the very basic concepts and topics that should be studied before applying for an ASP position, I hope that helps : )

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