Who am I?

Amr Abdulrahman, Muslim, Egyptian, graduated 2012 from Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FCIS), Ain Shams University.

Started my career as an asp.NET developer at LINK Development. then moved to IBM. then switched and focused on the Front End and worked as Front End Developer at Viretonthen moved to Code Scalers where I currently work …

I deeply love what I do as a Front End Engineer, yes, I love JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I have a great passion learning new frameworks, tools and techniques in this area.

On the personal level, I’m an artist (only using pencil, checkout Arts section), a very good Chess player, and Squash player as well.

Here’re some areas of my interest as a Front End Developer

  • JS/ECMAScript6/CoffeeScript
  • JQ/JQ-UI
  • AngularJS/Angular-UI
  • Unit and e2e testing
  • HTML5
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • NodeJS/Express/MongoDB
  • npm/bower
  • grunt/gulp
  • git/mercurial/svn
  • I used to work on JIRA and BitBucket/github