It's not how good you are, It's how good you want to be.

Do You Have A Goal?

*Note, this is a series of posts, it is recommended to read the last post first, if you didn’t read it.

Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.

Without having a goal, it’s difficult to score. ~Paul Arden

Although the author mentioned that “It’s difficult to score”, I see that “It’s impossible to score”, after mentioning that the most important step is “wanting to change”, we have to mention now that wanting something without putting a goal to achieve it is totally useless and leads to big fat fail;

“I want to lose weight!”

This is great, this is what do you want from your heart, but this is not a goal.

Here’s a good tip for goal setting:

Set SMART goals!

You have probably heard of “SMART goals” already. But do you always apply the rule? The simple fact is that for goals to be powerful, they should be designed to be SMART. There are many variations of what SMART stands for, but the essence is this – goals should be:

Specific; not Fuzzy one.

Measurable; so, you can say anytime “I’ve successfully finished xx% from my goal”.

Attainable; Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goal you set.

Relevant; Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.

Time Bound; You goals must have a deadline.

Let’s see how should the previous hope be modified to be a SMART goal

“In order to lose weight, my goal is to be 75 KG by the end of next November”

Do you want to change yourself? So, do you have SMART goals to change yourself?

5 thoughts on “Do You Have A Goal?

  1. I likee itttt (Y)
    U “remind” me of these SMART goals,, nefsy tb2a qa3da 3areda fe el 7yah 3omoman we mafesh 7ad y3eesh 7alwany 😀

    w8ing the next…

  2. my goal is ank targ3 tadrsly tany 😀 bass bara tech 😀
    dah al goal al so3’yar we al goal al keber shwaya any ab2a hacker gamed we al keber awi mesh ha2olo 😀

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