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AbdulRahman Zakaria el Ogail (Zikas, kollena 3arfeno)

While Zikas was reading Windows System Programming book he found a mistake in the book, As most of us wouldn’t do, He didn’t say “Aked ana elly mesh fahem” or “Ya3ni ana elly ha6alla3 mistake fe book men 17 sana !!!”, … etc.

Zikas mailed the Author of the book – Johnson M. Hart – to notify him this mistake.

And here’s the reply:

Thanks Ogail for pointing this out.

Interestingly, in 17 years since Edition 1, no one seems to have noticed this problem,

or, at least, no one has reported it.


Thanx Zikas for your positive reaction !

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8 thoughts on “Zikipedia

  1. Well Done ya Zikas, bgd messal yo7taza bih 😀
    w yareit f3ln ana kaman ma3dish haga 8eir lama afhmha w yareit koleina neb2a keda 🙂 🙂

  2. (Y)(Y)
    “Keep up positive and active everytime” was Abd el-Rahman’s advice,, that he does already,,,
    that is a good example for “Al-Kodwa” : )

  3. ياحبيبي ياعبد الرحمن الحمد لله دائما ايجابي ماشاء الله عليك الله يحفظك ويحفظكم جميعا لبلادكم

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