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Magless El 7ezb El Watany

Ahmed AbdulRahman (My brother) wrote:

Magless El 7ezb El Watany … asdyyyyyy .. Magless El Sha3b El Masry (Round 1 Result)

I like a lot data visualization,
When I opened MS Excel to represent Round 1 result, I found multiple chart types ..
Bar Chart, Scatter, Pie Chart … and lots lots of chart types …
My Hot Congratulations to our one & only 7ezb in Egypt for competing MS Excel and inventing a new type of charts … “THE 7’AZOO2 CHART”
(but watch out when dealing with this type of charts, it may get really harmful)

9 thoughts on “Magless El 7ezb El Watany

  1. I think that only in Egypt you can make such chart.
    These guys are are awesome 😀

    But anyway, great job for noticing this type :D, I think it is a bug, try to report it to Microsoft XD LOL

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